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I had pains in my lower back for almost three weeks. I had tried other modalities, without noticeable improvement. The pain made it difficult to sit for more than half an hour without having to get up and move. Getting up was painful. Turning in bed was also painful, keeping me awake at night. Emma told me the treatment would work slowly over the next few days. The day after my Emmett treatment, my back started to improve, and more again on the second day. By the third day I was moving freely and almost pain free. The pain remaining was greatly reduced in intensity and in distribution. I would recommend Emmett to anyone with lower back pains.

David Ford

What can I say? I am staggered at the simplicity of the Emmett treatment, but gobsmacked at the results.

My first appointment was in relation to my shoulder, which had been unbearably sore for weeks, rotation and range of movement were severely limited, but within 20 minutes both rotation and range of movement had improved significantly and resolved a neck issue too.

In subsequent visits Emma has resolved issues that had been troubling me for years, these include my wrist, lower back and knees.

Emma is an incredibly talented therapist who is passionate and committed to resolving ailments, I’d recommend her and the Emmett Technique to everyone, the results are astounding, I’ve not felt so well in years, thanks Emma you're an absolute gem.

Ian Mason, 6th Dan Kempo Ju Jitsu

Thank you for your Emmett treatment - lower back was in agony but within an hour of the treatment I was walking normally again!

Karina Noble

I was initially skeptical about Emmett treatment, mainly because all of my previous massages had been more intense. My skepticism quickly abated once the treatment began, with Emma taking the time to continually review my posture and movement patterns, and using this information to guide how she progressed. The end result was complete removal of tightness around my hips that had plagued me for years. Emma is a thorough and competent practitioner, and I would not hesitate to recommend others to her.

Brett Neasham, Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach, Neasham Strength & Conditioning

Hi Emma,

I am pleased to write a testimonial regarding the Emmett technique.

Prior to my first appointment with you, I had been experiencing the following:
Headaches on a daily basis for about 10 weeks.
Very sore neck and shoulder.
Nerve pain in my right arm, hand and fingers., and over all limited movement in my upper body.

To be honest, after having all kinds of treatments over the years after a car accident, I was pretty sceptical about having immediate relief from my problems. To the point, where I wouldn't commit to an appointment, then cancelling and saying I would get back to you.

You then offered a free first appointment, and I thought .. "Hey, what have I got to lose".

I was nicely surprised that this technique worked great on me. My headaches were gone that same night .. And overall I am feeling great. At the second appointment you did things a little different, or worked on a couple of different areas and again, great stuff, thank you so much.

I am doing great. Work has been easier for me. I actually feel happier because my daily pain levels are no where near where they were at. It's more of a discomfort. Thanks so much :-)
I will be back for a follow up when I need it.

Kindest regards, Teena Ehau

I have tried many techniques, modalities and practitioners, although at first skeptical, I must say that I am extremely impressed with Emma’s treatments. In particular the Emmett technique has loosened/softened up my muscles and joints and aligned my posture with virtually no effort, I just had to turn up for my appointments! I am amazed at how the technique holds, how quick it is and how effortlessly it aligns my body.

Anytime I have an issue from heavy exercise or work I make sure I call Emma to sort it out quick smart, although subsequent sessions are now few and far between as the results seem to be permanent. I highly recommend a treatment!

Ivo Franich