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Lower Back Pain Relief

Have you ever woken up and cant move from back pain? Or with a simple movement your back seized up? It’s very common and while exact causes can be numerous, such as bad posture, repetive movements, faulty lifting, Bowen Therapy or Emmett Technique can get you back to moving freely, and usually very quickly.

If you can’t lie down as it makes it worse or can’t sit Bowen Therapy or EMMETT Technique can be applied with you standing, sitting or lying. All the work on your muscles is done by using gentle and comfortable pressure. The muscles targeted and assessed are your large back muscles, hip muscles, gluteals and abdominals. Any twists within your hips and back area are important to work on, and your posture and alignment will be checked overall. The muscles of your body work together so if one is overly contracted there is a chain reaction to other muscles.

Generally, most of the relief is felt the next day and continues to ease up as you go about your day. A follow up is recommended to make sure the releases have held and your alignment is still corrected.