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Bowen Therapy or Emmett Technique for Pain Relief and Well-being

Are you in Pain? You've tried everything with little results? At Aligned Bodywork we specialise in Bowen Therapy (Bowen Technique), Emmett Technique and Trigger Point Therapy to create balance within the muscle systems of the body. Our massages are deeply relaxing while extremely effective at releasing tension and easing aches and pains.

With the use of Bowen Therapy and/or Emmett Technique, our treatments are suitable if you are in a lot of pain and seeking pain relief, or a little pain, or just want to keep your body in great condition and improve well-being.

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How we may assist you:

We love to work with people of all ages, sizes and health conditions. Your comfort is our highest priority and treatments are non-invasive, gentle and can be performed fully clothed. We can also work on you while seated or standing if necessary.

Appointments are available in South Guildford from Guildford Physiotherapy and Pilates
Wed: 2pm-8pm
Sat: 1pm-8pm.

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I had pains in my lower back for almost three weeks. I had tried other modalities, without noticeable improvement. The pain made it difficult to sit for more than half an hour without having to get up and move. Getting up was painful. Turning in bed was also painful, keeping me awake at night. Emma told me the treatment would work slowly over the next few days. The day after my Emmett treatment, my back started to improve, and more again on the second day. By the third day I was moving freely and almost pain free. The pain remaining was greatly reduced in intensity and in distribution. I would recommend Emmett to anyone with lower back pains.

David Ford

What can I say? I am staggered at the simplicity of the Emmett treatment, but gobsmacked at the results.

My first appointment was in relation to my shoulder, which had been unbearably sore for weeks, rotation and range of movement were severely limited, but within 20 minutes both rotation and range of movement had improved significantly and resolved a neck issue too.

In subsequent visits Emma has resolved issues that had been troubling me for years, these include my wrist, lower back and knees.

Emma is an incredibly talented therapist who is passionate and committed to resolving ailments, I’d recommend her and the Emmett Technique to everyone, the results are astounding, I’ve not felt so well in years, thanks Emma you're an absolute gem.

Ian Mason, 6th Dan Kempo Ju Jitsu
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